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Netscape Navigator was the name of Netscape's web browser from versions 1.0 through 4.8.

The first beta release versions of the browser was released in 1994 and known as Mosaic and then Mosaic Netscape until a legal challenge from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (makers of NCSA Mosaic, which many of Netscape's founders used to develop), led to the name change to Netscape Navigator.

I had convinced a friend to come with me on the date (I still had some serious reservations) and her boyfriend dropped us off.

We waited in the entrance of the restaurant for 4 hours (we couldn't get anyone on the phone to pick us up and we had no money for a cab).

If using an Apple, go to the Apple menu and select ABOUT Netscape or ABOUT Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer users can download the latest browser software form Microsoft's download site while Netscape users can visit the Netscape download area. How do I know whether my particular browser should work on The Right Stuff Site? In that case, you must either open your email program and type in the address or, use the following mail form which does not require an email capability from your browser.

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The mechanic that I usually take my car to had asked me out.

Platforms are market structures that bring together complementary partners.

Think e Bay, which pairs buyers and sellers online, or credit cards, which similarly connect consumers and the companies with which they want to do business.

Everyone uses platforms, and company fortunes are made and lost through them, but the dynamics of how platforms operate and how winners emerge remain little understood—even among those organizations whose very existence depends on them.

Indeed, central to the strategy of any platform business is the imperative to simply survive.During this period, both the browser and the suite were known as Netscape Navigator.Around the same time, AOL started bundling their software with Microsoft's Internet Explorer.A quick survey of business history shows how easily platforms come and go. Internet Explorer eliminated Netscape and enjoyed a run of dominance, but now is threatened by Google’s Chrome.